What We Do

The fraternity and sorority community at UCR is dedicated to helping students have the best experience inside and outside of the classroom. UCR students dedicate countless hours to community service, donate thousands of dollars to charitable organizations and are involved in many different areas on campus.

The Fraternity and Sorority Involvement Center sponsors major campus traditions like Pillars Week, Presents and Pyramid. We host educational and leadership workshops, presentations and trainings to build skills for students to succeed at UCR and beyond. We also recognize individuals and organizations through our Pillars Banquet Awards program.

Recognition of Fraternities & Sororities at UCR

UC Riverside is home to social, professional, service and culturally based fraternities and sororities. Whether local (existing only at UCR) or national/international (with other chapters across the United States and/or in other countries), all fraternities and sororities at UCR must be recognized by one of the following governing councils:

The fraternities and sororities listed on the Councils and Chapters page are the only chapters recognized at UCR.

Non-Recognized Fraternities & Sororities

Any group that identifies itself a fraternity or sorority but is not listed on the Councils and Chapters page is a non-recognized group and has no relationship with the university. In the absence of recognition from one of the four governing councils or the office of Student Life and UCR, fraternity/sorority organizations may not function as organized groups on campus.

Unrecognized groups do not receive any form of support, oversight or advisement from the university. They are not subject to university policies for recognized groups that require liability insurance and compliance with university standards concerning risk management, hazing, sexual harassment or other related high-risk activities. Students, campus departments, sports clubs and registered student organizations that interact or seek affiliation with these non-recognized organizations do so at their own risk.

Please contact the Fraternity and Sorority Involvement Center if you come into contact with, or have questions about, non-recognized fraternities or sororities, including those groups listed below.

Unrecognized Groups

  • Alpha Kappa Delta Phi
  • Beta Chi Theta
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Pi Alpha Phi (Pineapples)
  • Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE)

There are honor societies and other professional organizations that use Greek letters but they are not recognized as a fraternity or sorority at UCR. Please visit HighlanderLink to learn more about these groups.  

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FSIC Staff Contact
Ed E-Nunu

Interim Coordinator of the Fraternity and Sorority Involvement Center

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