The Secret to Your First Year

Three UCR students review notes on a laptop together.

If you're a typical first-year student, you've got a lot going on. From schoolwork and relationships to budgeting your time and money, from trying to plan your career to just trying to plan your day, it can all get pretty overwhelming.

First-Year Programs in the Student Life office offers a First-Year Mentor Program. This is a great opportunity to get connected to an experienced / trained student leader who can help answer your questions and provide support.

First-year students who register for the First-Year Mentor Program are paired with a trained peer mentor (sophomore, junior, or senior student). The mentors will help first-year students with their transition to the university and make them feel at home in the academic environment. Students will meet with their mentor bi-weekly throughout their entire first year as they acquire the skills needed to become successful in college. The First-Year Mentor Program is also open to first-year transfer students. 

Do you want to be connected with a peer mentor? Complete the registration form here. If you have any questions contact the Student Life Office by email at or call (951) 827-7344.