Welcome, Transfer Students!

Students Walk Through Bourns Building

New Student Programs is here to support your transition to UCR and offers multiple opportunities to help you get connected to campus resources, build community and get involved during your time on campus.

Transfer Orientation

The journey starts here. Visit to learn more about our mandatory Transfer Orientation program, how you can register, and what to expect. We’ll see you there!

Get involved

One of the best ways to get connected on campus is to get involved! Find information on student organizations on or stop by an involvement fair in the Fall or Spring Quarters. Several student organizations are specifically for transfer students, and range from academic to social, so you’re sure to find a great fit.

First Year Mentor Program

Transfer students are eligible to participate in our First Year Mentor Program and meet bi-weekly with a trained peer mentor. This is a great opportunity for new students to connect with a current UCR student and get their perspective on navigating academic challenges, utilizing campus resources, and getting involved with campus life. If you’d like to be connected to a mentor, contact Kerri Soscia at

Transfer and Commuter Lounge

Meet other transfer students and take a break in between classes in the new Transfer & Commuter Student Lounge. The lounge is located on the first floor of the HUB across from HUB dining locations and includes microwaves to warm up your own food and plenty of comfy chairs and charging stations!