UCR Traditions

UCR bear mascot Scotty Highlander invites students to become Highlander Traditions Keepers.

Become a Highlander Traditions Keeper

Highlander Traditions Keepers are undergraduate/graduate students who participate in campus traditions and promote school spirit. They have completed (and tracked) at least 54 predetermined traditions in order to earn a Traditions Keeper medal by commencement.

Highlander Traditions

Highlander Traditions are set by UCR’s Student Life office and span all facets of campus life. They fall into eight categories, each with a wide range of events and activities. Examples include attending a job fair, taking a picture with Scotty, wear your R'Gear on R'Day, and cheering on fellow Highlanders at a sporting event! The eight Highlander Traditions categories are:

  • Academic/Professional Development
  • Ethnic & Gender Programs Events
  • Cornerstones
  • Explore Campus!
  • Explore Riverside!
  • Residential Life Support
  • UCR's Athletic Teams
  • UCR Pride!

Download the complete list of Highlander Traditions and start earning your Tradition Keepers medal today!

Start Earning Your Medal
UCR Traditions Keeper Medal

It’s easy to earn your Highlander Traditions Keeper medal. 

  1. Follow UCRStudentLife on Instagram.
  2. Share photos of you doing each tradition. Tag them using #UCRtraditions.
  3. Register via HighlanderLink to receive credit.

UCR’s Student Life office will keep track of your completed traditions. You may have already completed some traditions on the list, and that’s OK. Once you’ve reached 54, you will be contacted with details regarding the medal presentation event. This event will take place during late Spring Quarter. You must have completed ALL 54 Traditions Keeper items no later than MAY 1st in order to be eligible to participate.  

Questions? Contact or (951) 827-7344.