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HighlanderLink is our searchable database of all of our 350+ student organizations and is a great first-place to search when looking for groups to join.

HighlanderLink is for use by students, campus staff and faculty, and the general public looking for information about involvement opportunities on campus. Anyone can browse and find out about the organizations on campus, as well descriptions about the organizations and their contact information. Students can express interest and join organizations with the click of a button!

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Academic/Professional/Honor Organizations

These groups primary focus is affiliation with an academic department, major, professional preparation, or conferring membership as an honor for academic/scholarly/leadership achievement. Student Life Contact: Jasmine Smith (

Arts and Expressions

Organizations whose primary focus is in the development of, participation in or appreciation of art forms or entertainment or whose focus is to produce one or more publications. 
Student Life Contact: Chelsea Blakeley (


Organizations whose primary focus seeks to educate and share with the university community on the cultures we have across our campus and around the world.
Student Life Contact: Jasmine Smith (


Organizations whose membership is limited to a single gender and granted exception to Title IX requirements for the purpose of cultivating and supporting an environment of brotherhood or sisterhood. In addition, membership in one organization in this category is mutually exclusive to membership in any of the others (i.e., an individual may only belong to one of the organizations in this category).

Student Life Contact: Sarah Crawford (

Graduate Student Associations

Organizations who are connected with the Graduate Student Association or are mostly or entirely graduate students. 
Student Life Contact: Colin Lewis (

Action & Awareness

Organizations whose primary focus is on endorsing/supporting candidates for elected positions, ballot initiatives, referenda and the like, and/or debate, discuss, advocate, and educate on regional, state, national, or international political issues. Action Organizations primary focus is educating individuals on and engaging in public discussion of issues affecting individuals, society, and the environments in which they exist. This category would also include but is not limited to groups focused on social support, topical discussions, gender, and/or gender role issues, and age-related issues who hope to inspire action on a particular topic.
Student Life Contact: Colin Lewis (


Organizations whose primary focus is on engaging in recreational activities which may or may not be competitive. 
Student Life Contact: Chelsea Blakeley (


Organizations whose primary focus is on providing volunteer service to others and/or the community. 
Student Life Contact: Chelsea Blakeley (


Organizations whose primary focus is on educating about and supporting particular spiritual and/or religious practices, philosophies, and beliefs. 
Student Life Contact: Colin Lewis (