UCR Student Organization Representatives

General Forms and Publications for Student Organizations

These forms and templates are for use by student organizations at UCR. Information about each one appears below, with links to printable forms.

Constitution and Bylaws Template
Use this form to develop a new organization's constitution or to revise a continuing organization's constitution. We have a handy walkthrough video that you can use to complement the template available here. You can download an easier to use "fill in the blank" template here.

ASPB Cosponsorship Request Form
Use this form to request cosponsorship of events and activities with the Associate Students Program Board. The Cosponsorship Guidelines and Programming Budget sheet are included. Everything is online at the link above, so please use that information and contact ASPB, HUB 111, with questions.

UNET Courtesy Notice of Party or Special Event
Use this form to provide courtesy notice of parties and special events to the Officers of University Neighborhood Enhancement Team (UNET). UNET is a cooperative program between the Riverside and UC Police Departments focused on community policing. It patrols an area of several miles around the UCR campus.

Grade Release Form (Scholarship Report Form)
Use this form to grant permission to the UCR Registrar's Office to release academic transcripts, on a quarterly basis, to UCR Student Life.

Good Neighbor Guidelines
UCR and the City of Riverside encourage student residents within Riverside and surrounding neighborhoods adhere to the tenets of these guidelines, which outline the basic elements of being a responsible member of the Riverside Community.

Policies and Resource Guide for Student Organizations
This guide will give you tips and tricks to help run your organization, including helpful websites, instructions, and policies you might need to know.

Adviser Expectations

If you're interested in becoming an Adviser, or already are, this document goes briefly through the expectations and role of a voluntary adviser. We also have a video version here.

Working with Minors Checklist

This checklist walks you through the steps you'll need to take if you're bringing K-12 students (or any minors) to campus, including overnight visits in the Residence Halls.