UCR Students Receive Information at Involvement Fair

Re-Register Your Organization

All registered undergraduate student organizations and non Mini GSA graduate groups will go through the re-registration process in the Spring quarter of every year. This process includes but not limited to updating officers, rosters, constitutions, insurance information, banking information, completing the registration process, and attending Fall organization retreats during week zero. Please note groups will now only be able to re-register in the Spring Quarter of each year. If a group fails to complete the re-registration process they will go inactive until the next available Spring quarter registration process. Student organizations should make sure contact information for the organization is always up to date in

Start a New Organization

Do you have an interest that isn't represented by a current organization? Well, we're here to help you start one! The first step is to meet with a Student Organization Advisor; and walk through the process of starting a new group. You can set up an appointment by calling Student Life at 951-827-7344. Before you meet, browse our organizations and make sure your new group will be unique.

Heads up! We only register new organizations during fall and winter quarter, so be sure to check with Student Life about any deadlines. During your meeting, the Student Organization Advisor will explaing the necessary steps to register a new organization. To schedule a meeting with a Student Organiztion Advisor, stop by Student Life in 229 HUB, or call our office.